When are you open?

 We are open 9-5 7 days a week in summer and during school holidays. During winter we close on Sundays. Justin sometimes will come in early so if you see our signs out on your drive past, we are open! If you require after (or before) hours sales or services give us a call and we can organise a time to meet you.

Can I hire fishing equipment from your store?

Unfortunately, due to ever-changing COVID restrictions as well as other circumstances, we are no longer able to provide fishing equipment hire and lessons. However, if you are a beginner fisherman and are looking for some easy-to-understand advice for the best locations and methods, do yourself a favour and drop into our shop where we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. 

Do I need a fishing license to catch a fish?

Fishing licenses are not required for beach fishing in Dunsborough, however there are some rules and regulations regarding species size and bag limits, which can be found here.  For other fishing there are various licensing laws that can be viewed on the fisheries website here.If you require clarification regarding all this information feel free to come in store and have a chat with us. 

Do you spool reels?

Yes, we spool reels in store. We offer a range of bulk braid and bulk mono as well as our range of prepacked line in store.