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All JT LURES are created by Justin Turner in our Access Fishing workshop located in Dunsborough, Western Australia.

Every JT lure made requires both creative and technical skills. As they are 100% handcrafted each lure produced will have unique and individual characteristics.

To ensure a consistent, stable swimming action many measured production processes have been developed.

Select Western Australian local timbers such as Sheaok and Jarrah are predominantly used as well as Alaskan Cedar, Batu, and Balsa woods. The environmental and functional benefits of wooden lures make them a superior choice over plastic lures.

The Lure making process starts with conceptual design. Consideration of commonly targeted fish species and their prey are identified and implemented into the design.

Once the design has been finalised templates are formed and the selected timber is then marked out.  The lure outlines are cut to shape maintaining a perfect 90’profile for maximum symmetry.

Jigs are created for construction of the through-wires and for the cutting of the bib and through-wire slots. The though-wires are then formed from high tensile stainless steel wire, shaped, wrapped and glued. Slots are cut using the pre made Jigs, again to ensure the lures’ balance and performance.

Hand shaping is then carried out. A keen eye for symmetry is crucial during this stage of the lure shaping process. Once Justin is happy with the final shape the pre-made through-wire and custom made polycarbonate laser cut bibs are fixed into the lure.

If the lure is made from softwood a coat of two part epoxy is applied to give the lure added strength. Then undercoat is applied. Using an airbrush, vibrant acrylic paints are used to give the lure its unique character. Three coats minimum of a strong, high gloss, shatter resistant epoxy resin finish the process.

Quality split rings and hooks are used on all JT LURES.

Justin’s aim is simple – to provide quality timber lures at an affordable price. For information on pricing or to place an order please contact us on 0428 365 996 or email us